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Who We Are

This innovative, locally governed, registered charitable organization was first established in 2022 following several years of groundwork, to address the shortage of primary care providers. Under the Whistler 360 Health Collaborative Society model, the Collaborative operates a medical clinic, which is professionally managed, with governance from the community. The model is also attractive for primary care providers as it enables them to focus on patient care instead of administration. In collaboration with practitioners and community stakeholders, the board directs the provision of primary and complementary care services to meet the needs of the community. This pioneering approach centres the needs of the community at the heart of the Society’s work.  

Goal: Our goal is to create a team-based, professionally managed, community-governed centre of excellence where health care professionals provide patient-focused longitudinal care.

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Whistler is a healthy community where patients can easily access a strong, connected network of primary healthcare providers who collaborate to prevent illness and promote wellbeing.

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To create a team-based, professionally managed, community-governed centre of excellence where health care professionals provide patient-focused longitudinal care. We provide leadership in healthcare to the community and collaborate to improve social determinants of health.

Our Values

As practitioners, board members, staff, and collaborators we are united in our mission to provide patient-focused care. We are guided by mutual respect, compassion, humility, flexibility, and integrity in our interactions with patients, partners, and with one another.  Our operating practices embody care and kindness for our wider community and our world. We are guided by a commitment to safety, sustainable development and leadership practices, and environmental stewardship.

We understand the barriers that exist for accessing primary care services and are committed to offering care of all for residents, seasonal workers, and visitors to Whistler. We recognize that true equity is achieved when we treat patients as people who have an opportunity to achieve their full health potential.

We collaborate with primary care physicians, allied healthcare providers, community organizations, cultural advisors, and stakeholders to offer primary and complementary care services that meet the needs of patients. Our Team is inclusive of medical office assistants, student learners, providers, and managers. Our roles as members of this group are varied and changing.

We are driven by a deep understanding of and connection to our community. We listen and are responsive. We are members of the community who offer our experience and compassion, believing that the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

We are inspired by the stewards, trailblazers, and visionaries who are part of the history of our community. We are passionate about forging a new model of primary care that is in keeping with the iconic, best-in-class ethos that has defined Whistler for decades. We partner with those who are committed to ethical, equitable, inclusive care for all knowing we can achieve more as a collective. We are learners as well as leaders as we create a new benchmark for community care.

Our Board

Community governance is a key pillar of the Whistler 360 Health model. Our Board consists of hard-working volunteers with a range of experiences and perspectives.

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