Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are fees to see the doctor or nurse practitioner if you are not from Canada. The initial consultation fee is $290. Should you need x-rays or lab work or any other testing, there will be fees billed to you through the Whistler Health Care Centre. There may also be further fees involved should you need care after the initial consult. The receptionists are very good at giving you an idea of what you may have to pay for, but they can’t give you the final number until after you see the doctor. Please see our fees below.

We accept all Canadian Provincial Health plans except Quebec. If you are from another province you must present your health card to us, so we can take your personal health number and the expiry date of your card. We will then bill the visit to that province. Please keep in mind that some things such as pap smears and other preventative medicine may not be covered by your provincial plan. If you are from Quebec we will bill you $75 upfront and then get you to fill out the Out of Province claim form. We will then send it off for you to Regie de l’Assurance Quebec (RAMQ) and they will reimburse you.

You can apply for the BC Medical Services Plan after arriving from another province after a 3 month waiting period. If you need to see a doctor within that period, you should still be covered under your previous provinces plan. Please visit the website for more information on how to apply for Health Insurance BC. 

We try to accommodate all patients and how they like to book. We have appointments that you can book in advance, but we also save same-day appointments available for when your medical issue is of a more urgent nature. 

Currently, these same-day booking options are on Saturday and Sunday:

  • For people with non-emergency health care need that do not have a family doctor.  
  • On a first-come or first-call/first-serve basis and appointments need to be booked the same day.  
  • Please call first thing in the morning as spaces book up quickly.

We completely understand your frustration when you can’t get through! 

Our incredible staff are overwhelmed by the high volume of phone calls they receive on a daily basis. It is with the utmost respect that we ask each of our patients to only call when necessary and be understanding of the demand on our frontline staff. We are a very busy medical office and our phone system only allows a certain number of people to be placed on hold. When these are full, additional calls are unable to connect. We do our best to pick up all calls but if we have patients in front of us, we will ask if we can put you on hold. If you are on hold for longer than 3 minutes, perhaps hang up and call again. At certain times of the day, there may only be one medical office assistant in the office, and we can get pulled away from the front desk by one of the doctors or nurse practitioners. Please note that our phone lines are not answered from 12pm -1pm and after 4pm.

Whistler 360 Medical Office Assistants are not legally permitted to give out lab results over the phone. Should a result come in that the doctor needs to discuss with you, we will call you to make an appointment.  Special arrangements can be made if you will not be available, but this must be arranged through your doctor.

You can access your own lab results in many cases. More info on how to do so can be found by visiting the Lab Results page for more details.

For some issues, yes. However, there are some things that must be assessed in person. If you would like a phone appointment, please check with our reception staff to see if this is appropriate for your medical concern. Health Link BC does provide a 24-hour Nurses Hotline available to BC residents. Just dial 811. You can also access health information and check your symptoms online at or find out more information here

In Canada, you must see a family doctor or nurse practitioner first for your issue, and they will assess and refer you on to a specialist if you require further care. You must still have a referral to seen by one of our visiting specialists.

Cosmetic procedures, such as some mole removals, certain liquid nitrogen treatments and most forms such as insurance forms, back to work or sick notes are not covered. Driver’s medicals, school, camp and some other physicals are also not covered by MSP. This is because they are not deemed medically necessary. Please ask us if you are unsure about any procedure or paperwork you need filled out.

In a sense, it is the community. Whistler 360 Health is a community-governed, charitable non-profit society.

The following fees are not covered by the BC Medical Services Plan and will need to be paid by the patient. 

  • Letter/Form Fee $35 per page (approximately)
  • Travel Advice $75
  • Injection Fee $15
  • Liquid Nitrogen Treatment $40
  • Splinting $50 minimum
  • Casting in ER @ WHCC $125 minimum
  • Suturing Fee $200 (minimum charge)
  • Driver’s Medical $120
  • OFA/Fire Dept Physical $120
  • FIS/Camp/School Physical $120
  • Chart Transfers $35 (minimum)
  • Urine Dip $10
  • Urine Pregnancy Test $10
  • Missed 15-minute Appointment $30
  • Missed Half Hour Appointment $50
  • Cortisone Injection $20
  • Suture Tray Fee $50
  • Short Arm Splint $20
  • Long Arm Splint $30
  • Clavicle Brace $40
  • Leg Splint $55
  • Knee Brace $200
  • Walking Boot $175
  • Crutches $35
  • Quebec Resident $75
  • Non-Resident (Visitors) $290
  • Non-Resident with Working Visa $90