Don't have a Primary Care Provider? Register Here

If you or a member of your family are currently without a primary care physician or nurse practitioner, please take a moment and register that status here.  

Whistler 360 Health Collaborative Society has launched a registry for those who need a family doctor, as the Society continues to work towards increased access to primary care services for anyone in Whistler who is currently without a family physician. By registering, we will understand the volume of local needs. You will be contacted when someone is available to support your care.

Please do not contact Whistler 360 Health about the list or wait times. Your support for these efforts is appreciated.

While you are waiting, here are other resources to access care. If you have questions on the registry, please see below.

How to Register:

  1. How do I register? Click here for the registration form. Enter your information and ensure the form says it is complete.
  2. How do I register other family members? Register each family member separately by going to the web link again for each one.
  3. When will I be able to see a doctor or nurse practitioner? Whistler 360 Health cannot say when new practitioners will start and when a specific person will be attached to the clinic, but will use this list to contact new patients when capacity increases. Whistler 360 Health is working hard to increase that capacity quickly.
  4. Should I call or email to find out when I will get a doctor or nurse practitioner? No, you will be contacted as soon as a practitioner is available. Please do not call.
  5. What if I need primary care urgently? This list is not a substitute for seeking care. Depending on your need please call Health Link at 811 or go to the emergency room.
  6. How will this information be used? Individuals will be contacted as capacity at the clinic increases. Whistler 360 Health will also use the total number of people needing primary care to plan and advocate for services in Whistler. Personal details will not be shared outside of Whistler 360 Health staff. Only a name, address, email, and phone number are being collected.
  7. What is the Whistler 360 Collaborative Society? Whistler 360 Health is a registered charity working to create a team-based, professionally managed, community-governed centre of excellence where healthcare professionals provide patient-focused longitudinal care.
  8. How is Whistler 360 Health connected to Whistler Medical Clinic? Whistler Medical Clinic has become part of Whistler 360 Health.
  9. I’m new to BC, how do I apply for provincial coverage? You can apply for the BC Medical Services Plan after arriving from another province after a 3-month waiting period. If you need to see a doctor within that period, you should still be covered under your previous province’s plan. Please visit the website for more information on how to apply for Health Insurance BC.